Monday, December 10, 2007

Junking Fat Foods in Schools

December 10, 2007
Editorial The New York Times
Junking Fat Foods in Schools

As America’s youth have grown fatter and the number with adult diabetes continues to rise, there is one obvious way to help. Public schools should stop selling students so much unhealthy food. A worthy but imperfect amendment now pending in Congress would help curb junk foods sold in too many of the nation’s schools.

Senators Tom Harkin, a Democrat from Iowa, and Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska, have won wide support from both industry and consumer groups for their amendment. The problem is, they are trying to attach it to the $286 billion farm bill due to hit the Senate floor this week.

So far, the farm bill is about as good for the American consumer as most of the confections in school vending machines. The White House opposes the bill because of the huge subsidies, which is to say corporate welfare, it provides to agribusiness. As we recently wrote about food stamps, something is very wrong when good initiatives must ride along on this regrettable package of special-interest subsidies.

The amendment’s broad support offers clues about its strengths and a few of its weaknesses. The American Medical Association and the Center for Science in the Public Interest are on board. Public-health watchdogs want the amendment because it would impose healthful rules on schools across the country, like limiting the drinks available in elementary schools to bottled water, juice or low-calorie milk. Foods outside the school lunch program would be required to have less fat and sugar and fewer calories.

The people who make Mars bars, Frito-Lay chips and Coca-Cola also back the amendment. That’s because it would not remove all junk food. It would allow diet drinks in high schools and require states like California, which currently bans them, to relent. Local districts would be allowed to impose tougher restrictions on the foods in their schools but states would not. The bill would also give industry a long time, until 2011, to adapt.

The Harkin-Murkowski amendment is not perfect, but it would be a major step toward weaning the nation’s students from the chips, sodas and sweets that are doing them so much damage right now.


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You could use this picture for the front page:

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Duck Tape or Duct Tape?


Change One Thing: Recycle

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Professor Popcorn Video + Site Revision

Please visit Professor Popcorn Video to see two "Professor Popcorn: nutrition & health education" instructor, Kristin and David, from Fisher Center for Wellness & Gerontology in Ball State University talking about their creative way of introducing nutrition, health ideas to Delaware County kids (Royerton Elementary School). Also see 1-4 grade kids having lots of fun when gaining correct knowledge about food choosing.


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Hydro Wall Site Address

Here is the Hydro Wall Game site:

Sorry about the crappy gif transparency issue. I would use png but we were told not to. Martin is going to upload the newest version of the game on Tuesday, but that will not change the link. Thanks.



My Site Address

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As for my address if you just wish the whole thing to link back, for now, use If it changes, we will discuss it tomorrow in class.


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Background Gradients

Here are the gradients you will need to incorporate into each site before next Tuesday.

I don't have all the banner colors so if you don't see your group's link, please provide me a link to your current site so I can pull the color down and create the gradient.

Remember, your background color will be grey (hex number: a9acb1)
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Ask Dr. Dailey if you need any help implimenting it as he knows a crapton more about CSS than I do.


Pointless post, just because I can.

Tonight I decided to get a little outside prospective on our project. You'll all be happy to know that my kitten, Calliope, approves of all the work done so far. She especially seems to enjoy the giant drumstick on the foodTUBE blog.


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That's It!

Or at least it should be. All should have their headers and all should be right with the world. As the sun sets over some western land this evening, I head off to retire. I have had a good run, but my Tuesday is over and done.

Good Evening.


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foodTube Update


Here is our updated website for our project. Hope you find this well. Thanks.


Group Check In

Hello Everyone!

If you could be so kind as to let me know in the comment section which school your group is working with, the program and the message you hope to convey, I would appreciate it.

Curt Sutterfield
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